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Lisa Prosser–Watson was raised on the East Coast of Canada. She developed an early interest in health growing up in a medical family. Her father and mother ran a successful medical practice from a home-based clinic.

Lisa has always been athletic and was inspired in her early years competing in figure skating and then went on to study various forms of dance. She obtained an undergrad degree from Mount Allison University, considered Canada’s Harvard, obtained a Diploma in Fashion Design at Sheridan College in Oakville, and later another diploma at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT ) in Vancouver.

Lisa graduated from WCCMT as one of the top students in her class, and came out of the 3000-hour program from a strong core curriculum in manual therapy, health and clinical sciences.  The misconception in health is that “massage therapy” is just a massage.  This could not be further from the truth.  Registered Massage Therapy in British Columbia is regulated by the Health Professions Act and involves in-depth studies ranging but not limited to manual skills, anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology, systemics, hydrotherapy, joint play (osteopathics), orthopaedics, pharmacodynamics, kinesiology/therapeutic exercise, clinical assessment and nutrition, and statistics. Lisa also obtained clinical internships during her program at George Pearson, G.F. Strong and UBC Sport Clinic.

Lisa has been lucky and has seen a broad-base of patients over the past 20 years ranging from singer/songwriters, performing dancers and other competitive athletes.  She also works directly with other health care professions focusing on a multi-modal approach to rehabilitation and has more recently become BC Pain Certified on approaches to treating Chronic Pain. Lisa has seen a wide array of complex medical conditions over the past few decades which has given her the ability to offer her patients years of clinical expertise.

Lisa’s treatments combine several manual therapy techniques including but not limited to fascial work, kinesiology methods including open and closed chain exercises, active release therapy (ART), assisted stretching, joint oscillations, contract-relax, reciprocal inhibition, trigger point release, and various types of taping that include Functional Fascial (FFT) and Kinesiotaping (KT), and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) to improve her clinical outcomes.  All of Lisa’s treatments combine preventative exercises to help further complement the effects of her treatments.

Lisa was invited by the RMTBC to attend the Fourth World Fascial Research Congress in Washington, DC as an ambassador to BC RMTs and as a teaching assistant with Ron Alexander (Functional Fascial Taping Founder).  The knowledge obtained from Conferences such as this helps manual therapists translate knowledge into evidence-based treatment methods that improve patient outcomes.

Lisa is also actively involved in her Community giving many talks on the benefits of Registered Massage Therapy, and has taught fascial workshops to young dancers, and other health care practitioners alongside Ron Alexander – Functional Fascial Taping. She is also involved with Several Dog Rescue groups helping to raise funds and find homes for animals in need (Amigos De Animales, Nothern Hope Dog Rescue, NWT SPCA).

Lisa sustained a complex injury (fractured leg) in 2017 and later developed CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Lisa understands how chronic pain feels and it has given her a deeper and more intimate understanding of what she learned about pain mechanisms in school and later in certifications with Pain BC Education Programs for Practitioners.

“I find that living with pain has taught me how to be a better practitioner as I understand intimately what my patients may be going through. We are not defined by our pain and we can learn how to manage it effectively with some great tools that are available through continuing education in Neuroscience for RMTs. I was lucky I was able to navigate the storm a little easier from having this education”.

Lisa resides on Vancouver Island with her husband, son and their dog Loki a Norther Rescue Breed from Cross our Paws Rescue in Vancouver.  She enjoys an active lifestyle. Her hobbies include exercise, meditation, tennis, golf, traveling, reading, snorkeling and diving.

Fourth World Fascial Research Congress, Washington, D.C., 2015

“Dr. Robert Schleip, PhD, International Rolfing Instructor and International Fascial Anatomy Teacher and Lisa Prosser-Watson, a B.C. RMT attending the 4th World Fascial Research Congress. Dr. Schleip was happy to have representation frSchleippWatsonom BC RMT’s and fondly remembers the 3rd World Fascial Research Congress in Vancouver. The World Fascial Research Congress helps to translate research into evidence-based techniques. As Mrs. Watson states, it is a one-of-a kind conference that helps health care professions who focus on soft tissue treatment to keep current with the latest academic knowledge on fascia improving our treatment outcomes. This knowledge helps continue to make BC RMT’s a strong and integral part of the health care system in BC and Canada.”

Thank you to the RMTBC, and specifically to Harriet Hall and Brenda Locke for making this experience possible.